QUESTION: How do I apply?
ANSWER: All individuals interested in applying for the Anthony Ihedoha Anaebere, Sr. Memorial Scholarship should submit an e-mail to the scholarship administrators at  requesting the application materials. In the subject of your e-mail request write “REQUEST FOR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION” in the subject heading and in the body of your e-mail include the best e-mail address where the Anthony Ihedoha Anaebere, Sr. Memorial Scholarship application should be e-mailed to. NOTE: For those individuals receiving the application directly from their college/university or from a second party, your completed scholarship application and the associated materials should be e-mailed to in order to be considered. ONLY electronic submissions will be accepted.

QUESTION: How should my scholarship application and associated materials be submitted?
ANSWER: All application and associated application materials must be submitted together electronically to via e-mail. In the subject of your e-mail for your electronic submission please write: “AIA SCHOLARSHIP SUBMISSION.” ONLY electronic applications are accepted. Scanned electronic copies of the scholarship application and associated materials are accepted. Scholarship applications and  associated application materials submitted in other forms will not be accepted. The scholarship application and associated materials should be submitted in one e-mail from each scholarship applicant to prevent incomplete submissions.

QUESTION: What does a completed scholarship application include?
ANSWER: A completed Anthony Ihedoha Anaebere, Sr. Memorial Scholarship application submission includes:

  • A completed Anthony Ihedoha Anaebere, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Application
  • Current resume from applicant (should include list of activities and honors)
  • One letter of recommendation from an individual who can speak to the applicant’s academic credentials. Letter of recommendation may not be from a relative of the applicant.
  • Academic transcripts from your current institution -and/or- enrollment verification letter (Please note: if you are matriculating from high school to a four year college/university you are required to submit verification of enrollment from your college/university and complete high school transcripts. For any further questions please contact )
  • An electronic digital photo and signed photo image use waiver (Please note: that this gives the scholarship administrators permission to use your image for purposes of promoting and advertising the scholarship in the future only.)
  • Completion of Application Essay Prompt (essay should be no more than 500 words)

QUESTION: I am graduating soon (i.e.: from high school or college/university), and I will be entering a new program/school for the upcoming school year. Do I need to provide any additional documentation?
ANSWER: Yes. Scholarship applicants, whether graduating from high school or college/university, will be asked to provide a verification letter or proof of enrollment from the college/university or graduate school program they will be entering during their scholarship award year. This verification letter/proof of enrollment must be submitted with your electronic application along with your most recent transcripts.

QUESTION: How is Nigerian-born defined for this scholarship?
ANSWER: For this scholarship, Nigerian-born is defined as: individuals born in Anthony Ihedoha Anaebere, Sr.’s  home country of Nigeria. Individuals who apply for this scholarship and are born in the country of Nigeria must be admitted to and/or currently pursing  undergraduate engineering education at a 4-year college/university or engineering graduate school training in the United States of America. Students currently residing in Nigeria are eligible to apply. However, these individuals must be coming to the United States of America during their scholarship award year to pursue their undergraduate or graduate education.

QUESTION: How is first generation Nigerian-American defined for this scholarship?
ANSWER: For this scholarship, first generation Nigerian-American is defined as: a person born in the United States of America who has at least one Nigerian-born parent. All first generation Nigerian-American engineering students who fit the applicant criteria are encouraged to apply.

QUESTION: How do I know if my major falls under the engineering category?
ANSWER: Applicants majoring in engineering or a very closely related field are encouraged to apply for the scholarship. One way to know if your major falls under the category of engineering is if your major is housed/listed in a school, college or department of engineering.

Please contact  if you would like to confirm you are majoring in an eligible field before applying.

QUESTION: Does this scholarship have a grade point average (GPA) requirement?
ANSWER: Yes. The requirements are as follows:

  • High School Students Matriculating to a 4-year college/university are required to have a cumulative 3.0 gpa to apply.
  • College/University undergraduate and graduate students are required to have a cumulative 2.5 gpa to apply.   

QUESTION: How should my transcripts be submitted?
ANSWER: Transcripts must be electronically submitted along with the applicants scholarship application and other application materials. Thus, official transcripts may be scanned and e-mailed along with your application. All transcripts must be on official school letterhead or have the official school seal.

QUESTION: Does this scholarship have a specific age or gender requirement?
ANSWER: No. There is no cut-off specific to age and no specific gender requirement at this time. All Nigeria-born or first generation Nigerian-Americans pursing undergraduate or graduate education in Engineering in the United States of America are encouraged to apply.

QUESTION: How will I know if my application has been received?
ANSWER: Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your submission.

QUESTION: If I am selected, how will the funds be distributed to me?
ANSWER: The scholarship award will be distributed directly to you to use towards tuition and education-related expenses.

QUESTION: Can I be awarded the scholarship more than once?
ANSWER: No. At this time you can only be awarded this scholarship once.  However, there are no limitations on how often you can apply if you have never been awarded the scholarship.

QUESTION: How will I know if I received the scholarship?
ANSWER: All applicants will receive e-mail confirmation that their scholarship application and associated materials have been received. Next, the submissions will be reviewed by the scholarship panel. The top three applicants will be contacted to schedule a brief telephone or virtual web interview. Once the top three candidates have been interviewed, the applicants will be ranked and the applicant with the highest cumulative score from both the scholarship’s written application and telephone/virtual interview will be awarded the scholarship. The winner of the scholarship will be notified by telephone and e-mail.

QUESTION: How much will the scholarship award be?
ANSWER:  The scholarship amount may vary each cycle. For this year we will be awarding one $1,000 scholarship. .

Other questions? Please e-mail  if you have any other questions.

Please also review the Terms and Conditions of the scholarship.